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  • To execute for our clients the purchase or sale of publicly listed equities according to the clients’ instructions while adhering to ethical standards;
  • To carry out dealership functions through agency participation in initial public offerings and other additional offerings and provide our clients access to these investment alternatives;
  • To exercise diligence in the performance monitoring of our stock picks and provide full disclosure to clients to maximize investment opportunities. These stock picks are based on:
    • Market share in its industry
    • Management vision
    • Sound financial position
    • Growth potential
  • To adhere to ethical standards against insider trading for the mutual protection of the Company and our clients.


  • To continuously strengthen strategic partnerships with industry experts and build on our highly competent in-house research unit to provide clients with tools and data for informed and profitable decision making;
  • To offer clients with expertise in the following:
    • Extensive fundamental coverage of large cap and medium cap companies
    • Economic research
    • Technical analysis of US and Philippine markets, including all actively-traded, liquid companies
    • Company- and industry-specific studies
    • Daily market statistics, news and market wrap-ups
    • Client-specific reports