AP Securities, Incorporated (formerly Angping& Associates Securities, Inc.)–

APS was established in November 1989 with only seven employees.  Within the first five years, the growth was dramatic that the Company rose to the #4 ranking among the Philippine Stock Exchange brokers.  It was also during these growth years that APS evolved into a full-service discount brokerage firm, offering clients superior service and extensive support products to facilitate informed investment decisions.  Likewise, sales desks in key cities of Bacolod and Iloilo were set up to increase market presence outside of Metro Manila.  In addition, APS has played key roles in after-market services for certain key stock market issues.

The Company has consistently ranked among the top local brokers since its inception more than 25 years ago.  Instilling a culture of initiative and excellence, APS boasts of strong business ties from the Filipino-Chinese community, government and private financial institutions and local retain clients.  It also strategically acts as a gateway for emerging entrepreneurs who are looking at investing in the capital market.

APS has remained a formidable force in the industry, weathering several financial crises that have hit the industry.  With each crisis, the Company has emerged wiser, more resilient and more stable.  The individuals who manage the Company have had strong and extensive experiences in the securities markets.  And their leadership roles have made the Company capitalize in bull markets and triumph over bear markets.

The Marketing and Backroom Operations are as skilled in dealing with major foreign and local Investment and Fund Managers.  Among its clientele are leading universal banks, insurance companies, trust accounts, and mutual funds, among others.  APS has had numerous experiences in public offerings, private placements and secondary trading of many blue chip stocks.

APS distinguishes itself through its efficient and client-focused services, with emphasis on uncompromising ethical and regulatory standards.  These values have allowed APS to ensure long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.  In spite of this impressive growth, APS still prides itself as being a boutique stock brokerage, i.e., small and cares about quality and is trying to do something great for a few customers.  This philosophy makes APS always have that personal touch, no matter how big their clients are.